overlay with stones ( 2 Chronicles 3:6 ), adorn ( Revelation 21:19 ), deck with garlands ( Matthew 23:29 ), furnish ( 12:44 ).

In Job 26:13 (Heb. shiphrah, meaning "brightness"), "By his spirit the heavens are brightness" i.e., are bright, splendid, beautiful.

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gar'-nish (tsippah, shiphrah; kosmeo):

The word is used twice in the Old Testament. In 2 Chronicles 3:6, tsippah means "to overlay," or "to plate." Thus, he "garnished" the house or "overlaid" it, "studded" it, with precious stones, and thus adorned and beautified it. In Job 26:13, shiphrah is a feminine noun meaning "fairness," "beauty," "brilliancy." "By his Spirit the heavens are garnished," i.e. the clouds are driven off by the wind or breath of Yahweh, and the sky made bright and clear.

In the New Testament (Matthew 12:44; 23:29) the word kosmeo means "set in order," "make ready," "adorn," etc. In Matthew 25:7 it is translated "trimmed," and in Revelation 21:19 "adorned."

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