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Zechariah 14:21 ESV

21 And every pot in Jerusalem and Judah shall be 1holy to the LORD of hosts, so that all who sacrifice may come and take of them and boil the meat of the sacrifice in them. And 2there shall no longer be 3a tradera in the house of the LORD of hosts 4on that day.

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      • a 14:6 - Compare Septuagint, Syriac, Vulgate, Targum; the meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain
      • b 14:7 - Hebrew one
      • c 14:8 - That is, the Dead Sea
      • d 14:8 - That is, the Mediterranean Sea
      • e 14:11 - The Hebrew term rendered decree of utter destruction refers to things devoted (or set apart) to the Lord (or by the Lord) for destruction
      • f 14:18 - Hebrew lacks rain
      • g 14:21 - Or Canaanite