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Amos 9:11 GNT

11 The Lord says, "A day is coming when I will restore the kingdom of David, which is like a house fallen into ruins. I will repair its walls and restore it. I will rebuild it and make it as it was long ago. 1

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    • 17 9:11 - 9.11, 12 Ac 15.16-18.

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      • 1 9:11 - 9.11, 12 Ac 15.16-18.
      • a 9:3 - sea monster: [It was believed that the sea was inhabited by a great monster. This creature, like all others, was regarded as under God's control.]
      • b 9:7 - [Hebrew] Cush: [Cush is the ancient name of the extensive territory south of the First Cataract of the Nile River. This region was called Ethiopia in Graeco-Roman times, and included within its borders most of modern Sudan and some of present-day Ethiopia (Abyssinia).]