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Ezekiel 46:1 GNT

1 The Sovereign Lord says, "The east gateway to the inner courtyard must be kept closed during the six working days, but it is to be opened on the Sabbath and at the New Moon Festival.

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  • 1 46:17 - 46.17 Lv 25.10.
  • a 46:17 - year of restoration: [Every fifty years, all Israelites were required to give freedom to any Israelites who had become slaves because of debts; they were also to give back to the original owner, or his heirs, any ancestral land that had been sold for debt (see Lv 25.8-55).]
  • b 46:20 - harm the people: [See 44.19.]
  • c 46:21 - [One ancient translation] smaller; [Hebrew] enclosed.