18 and like its gold shaft set on its silver base are her shapely legs and strong ankles. ,

References for Ben Sira 26:18

    • c 26:18 - strong ankles; [some manuscripts have] firm breasts [or] determined heart.
    • d 26:18 - [Some manuscripts add verses 19-27:] My child, stay healthy while you are young, and don't give your strength to strangers. +V20+WSearch the whole land for a fertile field, and plant it with your own seed, trusting your own good stock. +V21+WThen your children will survive and grow up confident of their good family. +V22+WA prostitute is like spit; a married woman who has affairs brings death to her lovers. +V23+WA lawless man will get a godless wife, as he deserves, but a man who honors the Lord will have a devout wife. +V24+WA shameless wife enjoys making a disgrace of herself, but a modest wife will act modestly even alone with her husband. +V25+WA self-willed woman is a bitch, but a woman with a sense of decency honors the Lord. +V26+WA wife who honors her husband will seem wise to everyone; but if she dishonors him by her overbearing attitude, everyone will know that she is ungodly. Fortunate is the husband of a good wife, because he will live twice as long. +V27+WA loud-mouthed, talkative woman is like a trumpet sounding the signal for attack, and any man who has such a wife will spend his life at war.