1 Kings 7:17-27 GW

17 He also made seven rows of filigree and chains for each capital.
18 After he made the pillars, he made two rows [of decorations] around the filigree to cover the capitals which were above the pillars. He made the capitals identical to each other.
19 The capitals on top of the pillars in the entrance hall were lily-shaped. [Each] was six feet high.
20 Two hundred pomegranates in rows were directly above the bowl-shaped parts around the filigree on the capitals on both pillars.
21 Hiram set up the pillars in the temple's entrance hall. He set up the pillar on the right and named it Jachin [He Establishes]. Then he set up the pillar on the left and named it Boaz [In Him Is Strength].
22 There were lily-shaped capitals at the top of the pillars. He finished the work on the pillars.
23 Hiram made a pool from cast metal. It was 15 feet in diameter. It was round, 7½ feet high, and had a circumference of 45 feet.
24 Under the rim were two rows of gourds all around the 45-foot circumference of the pool. They were cast in metal when the pool was cast.
25 The pool was set on 12 metal bulls. Three bulls faced north, three faced west, three faced south, and three faced east. The pool was set on them, and their hindquarters were toward the center [of the pool].
26 The pool was three inches thick. Its rim was like the rim of a cup, shaped like a lily's bud. It held 12,000 gallons.
27 He made ten bronze stands. Each stand was 6 feet square and 4½ feet high.