John 13:11-21 GW

11 (Jesus knew who was going to betray him. That's why he said, "All of you, except for one, are clean.")
12 After Jesus had washed their feet and put on his outer clothes, he took his place at the table again. Then he asked his disciples, "Do you understand what I've done for you?
13 You call me teacher and Lord, and you're right because that's what I am.
14 So if I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must wash each other's feet.
15 I've given you an example that you should follow.
16 I can guarantee this truth: Slaves are not superior to their owners, and messengers are not superior to the people who send them.
17 If you understand all of this, you are blessed whenever you follow my example.
18 "I'm not talking about all of you. I know the people I've chosen [to be apostles]. However, I've made my choice so that Scripture will come true. It says, 'The one who eats my bread has turned against me.'
19 I'm telling you now before it happens. Then, when it happens, you will believe that I am the one.
20 "I can guarantee this truth: Whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me."
21 After saying this, Jesus was deeply troubled. He declared, "I can guarantee this truth: One of you is going to betray me!"