Jeremiah 35:1-6 HNV

1 The word which came to Yirmeyahu from the LORD in the days of Yehoiakim the son of Yoshiyahu, king of Yehudah, saying,
2 Go to the house of the Rechavim, and speak to them, and bring them into the house of the LORD, into one of the chambers, and give them wine to drink.
3 Then I took Ya`azanyah the son of Yirmeyahu, the son of Havatztzinyah, and his brothers, and all his sons, and the whole house of the Rechavim;
4 and I brought them into the house of the LORD, into the chamber of the sons of Hanan the son of Yigdalyahu, the man of God, which was by the chamber of the princes, which was above the chamber of Ma`aseyah the son of Shallum, the keeper of the threshold.
5 I set before the sons of the house of the Rechavim bowls full of wine, and cups; and I said to them, Drink you wine.
6 But they said, We will drink no wine; for Yehonadav the son of Rechav, our father, commanded us, saying, You shall drink no wine, neither you, nor your sons, forever: