In this chapter the disobedience of the people of the Jews unto God is
aggravated by the obedience of the Rechabites to their father; and the
one are threatened with the judgments of God upon them, and the other
have a promise of the divine blessing. The time of this prophecy is
observed; \\#Jer 35:1\\; an order to bring the Rechabites into one of the
chambers of the temple, which was done accordingly, \\#Jer 35:2-4\\; wine
is set before them to drink; which they refuse; alleging the command of
their father to the contrary, \\#Jer 35:5-7\\; which they had carefully and
constantly obeyed in every part of it, excepting that which respects
their dwelling in tents; for which they give a reason, \\#Jer 35:8-11\\; by
this instance of filial obedience to parents, the disobedience of the
Jews towards their Father, which is in heaven, is aggravated; who,
though he gave them laws and commandments, and sent his prophets to put
them in mind of them, and exhort them to obedience, yet hearkened not
to them, \\#Jer 35:12-15\\; wherefore the Lord threatens to bring all the
evil on them he had pronounced, \\#Jer 35:16,17\\; and promises the sons
of Rechab that there should be always some of them that should minister
unto him, \\#Jer 35:18,19\\.

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