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Galatians 3:19 - Interlinear Bible

19 Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made ; and it was ordained by angels in the hand of a mediator.
Tiv {I-NSN} ou\n {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} novmo?; {N-NSM} tw'n {T-GPF} parabavsewn {N-GPF} cavrin {ADV} prosetevqh, {V-API-3S} a~cri? {PREP} ouJ' {PRT} e~lqh/ {V-2AAS-3S} to; {T-NSN} spevrma {N-NSN} wJ'/ {R-DSM} ejphvggeltai, {V-RNI-3S} diatagei;? {V-2APP-NSM} dij {PREP} ajggevlwn {N-GPM} ejn {PREP} ceiri; {N-DSF} mesivtou. {N-GSM}