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Exodus 36:8 - Interlinear Bible


Construction Proceeds

8 All the skillful * men * among those who were performing the work made the tabernacle with ten curtains; of fine twisted linen and blue and purple and scarlet material, with cherubim, the work of a skillful workman, Bezalel made them.
!'K.viM;h -t,a h'ka'l.M;h yef{[.B bel -m;k]x -l'k .Wf][;Y;w ? !'m'G.r;a.w t,lek.t.W r'z.v'm vev t{[yir.y r,f,[ ? ~'t{a h'f'[ bev{x hef][;m ~yibUr.K yin'v t;[;lw{t.w