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Luke 11:29 - Interlinear Bible

29 And when the people were gathered thick together , he began to say , This is an evil generation: they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.
Tw'n {T-GPM} de; {CONJ} o~clwn ejpaqroizomevnwn h~rxato levgein, {V-PAN} JH {PRT} genea; {N-VSF} au&th {P-DSF} genea; {N-VSF} ponhrav {A-NPN} ejstin: {V-PXI-3S} shmei'on {N-NSN} zhtei', {V-PAI-3S} kai; {CONJ} shmei'on {N-NSN} ouj {PRT} doqhvsetai {V-FPI-3S} aujth'/ {P-DSF} eij {COND} mh; {PRT} to; {T-ASN} shmei'on {N-NSN} #Iwna'. {N-GSM}