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Matthew 11:5 - Interlinear Bible

5 The blind receive their sight , and the lame walk , the lepers are cleansed , and the deaf hear , the dead are raised up , and the poor have the gospel preached to them .
tufloi; {A-NPM} ajnablevpousin {V-PAI-3P} kai; {CONJ} cwloi; {A-NPM} peripatou'sin, {V-PAI-3P} leproi; {A-NPM} kaqarivzontai {V-PPI-3P} kai; {CONJ} kwfoi; {A-NPM} ajkouvousin, {V-PAI-3P} kai; {CONJ} nekroi; {A-NPM} ejgeivrontai {V-PPI-3P} kai; {CONJ} ptwcoi; {A-NPM} eujaggelivzontai: {V-PPI-3P}