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Romans 11:22 - Interlinear Bible

22 Behold then the kindness and severity of God; to those who fell, severity, but to you, God's kindness, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you also will be cut off.
i~de {V-AAM-2S} ou\n {CONJ} crhstovthta {N-ASF} kai; {CONJ} ajpotomivan {N-ASF} qeou': {N-GSM} ejpi; {PREP} me;n {PRT} tou;? {T-APM} pesovnta? {V-2AAP-APM} ajpotomiva, {N-NSF} ejpi; {PREP} de; {CONJ} se; {P-2AS} crhstovth? {N-NSF} qeou', {N-GSM} eja;n {COND} ejpimevnh/? {V-PAS-2S} th'/ {T-DSF} crhstovthti, {N-DSF} ejpei; {CONJ} kai; {CONJ} su; {P-2NS} ejkkophvsh/. {V-2FPI-2S}