Interlinear Bible 1 Kings 14:24-31

24 And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.
t{b][w{T;h l{k.K .Wf'[ #,r'a'b#st0776 h'y'h ved'q#st06945 -m;g.w ? lea'r.fIy yen.B yen.Pim h'wh.y vyirw{h r,v]a ~Iyw{G;h
25 And it came to pass in the fifth year of king Rehoboam, that Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem:
h'l'[ ~'[.b;x.r .$,l,M;l#st04428 tyivyim]x;h#st02549 h'n'V;B#st08141 yih.y;w ? ~i'l'v.Wr.y -l;[ ~Iy;r.cim#st04714 -.k,l,m q;v.Wv
26 And he took away the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king's house; he even took away all: and he took away all the shields of gold which Solomon had made .
tw{{a -t,a.w h'wh.y#st03068 -tyeB tw{r.c{a -t,a x;QiY;w#st03947 ? -l'K -t,a x;QiY;w x'q'l l{K;h -t,a.w .$,l,M;h#st04428 tyeB ? h{m{l.v#st08010 h'f'[ r,v]a b'h'Z;h yeNig'm
27 And king Rehoboam made in their stead brasen shields, and committed them unto the hands of the chief of the guard , which kept the door of the king's house.
t,v{x.n#st05178 yeNig'm ~'T.x;T ~'[.b;x.r .$,l,M;h f;[;Y;w ? ~yir.m{V;h ~yic'r'h yer'f d;y -l;[ dyiq.pih.w ? .$,l,M;h tyeB#st01004 x;t,P
28 And it was so, when the king went into the house of the LORD, that the guard bare them, and brought them back into the guard chamber.
~.Wa'FIy h'wh.y#st03068 tyeB .$,l,M;h a{b -yeDim yih.y;w ? ~yic'r'h a'T -l,a ~.Wbyiv/h,w ~yic'r'h
29 Now the rest of the acts of Rehoboam, and all that he did , are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah?
h'Meh -a{l]h h'f'[ r,v]a -l'k.w ~'[.b;x.r#st07346 yer.biD#st01697 r,t,y.w#st03499 ? yek.l;m.l ~yim'Y;h yer.biD#st01697 r,pes#st05612 -l;[ ~yib.Wt.k ? h'd.Wh.y
30 And there was war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam all their days.
~'[.b'r'y#st03379 !yeb.W ~'[.b;x.r#st07346 -nyeb h't.y'h h'm'x.lim.W ? ~yim'Y;h -l'K
31 And Rehoboam slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. And his mother's name was Naamah an Ammonitess. And Abijam his son reigned in his stead.
wy't{b]a#st01 -mi[ reb'QiY;w wy't{b]a#st01 -mi[ ~'[.b;x.r#st07346 b;K.viY;w ? .${l.miY;w tyin{M;['h#st05279 h'm][;n w{Mia ~ev.w#st08034 diw'D#st01732 ryi[.B ? wy'T.x;T w{n.B ~'Yib]a