Interlinear Bible Isaiah 41:9-13

9 You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, And called from its remotest parts And said to you, 'You are My servant, I have chosen you and not rejected you.
'hy,lyic]aem.W#st0678 #,r'a'h tw{c.qim '$yiT.q;z/x,h r,v]a ? '$yiT.r;x.B h'T;a -yiD.b;[ '$.l r;m{a'w '$yita'r.q ? '$yiT.s;a.m a{l.w
10 'Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'
yin]a -yiK ['T.viT -l;a yin'a -'k.Mi[ yiK a'ryiT -l;a ? '$yiT.k;m.T -p;a '$yiT.r;z][ -p;a '$yiT.c;Mia '$y,h{l/a ? yiq.dic#st06664 !yimyiB
11 "Behold, all those who are angered at you will be shamed and dishonored; Those who contend with you will be as nothing and will perish.
.Wy.hIy .$'B ~yir/x,N;h l{K .Wm.l'KIy.w .Wv{bey !eh ? '$,byir#st07379 yev.n;a{y.w !Iy;a.k
12 "You will seek those who quarrel with you, but will not find them, Those who war with you will be as nothing and non-existent.
.Wy.hIy '$,tUC;m yev.n;a#st0582 ~ea' a{l.w ~ev.q;b.T ? '$,T.m;x.lim#st04421 yev.n;a s,p,a.k.W !Iy;a.k
13 "For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, 'Do not fear, I will help you.'
rem{a'h '$,nyim.y qyiz]x;m '$y,h{l/a h'wh.y yin]a yiK ? '$yiT.r;z][ yin]a a'ryiT -l;a '$.l