Isaiah 5:25-28 NIV

25 Therefore the LORD's anger1 burns against his people; his hand is raised and he strikes them down. The mountains shake,2 and the dead bodies3 are like refuse4 in the streets.5 Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away,6 his hand is still upraised.7

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26 He lifts up a banner8 for the distant nations, he whistles9 for those at the ends of the earth.10 Here they come, swiftly and speedily!

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27 Not one of them grows tired11 or stumbles, not one slumbers or sleeps; not a belt12 is loosened at the waist,13 not a sandal thong is broken.14

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28 Their arrows are sharp,15 all their bows16 are strung; their horses' hoofs17 seem like flint, their chariot wheels like a whirlwind.18

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