In this chapter, under the parable of a vineyard and its ruins, the
Jews and their destruction are represented; the reasons of which are
given, their manifold sins and transgressions, particularly enumerated,
with the punishment threatened to them, and which is delivered in form
of a song. The vineyard is described by the owner of it, a well beloved
one; by the situation of it, in a fruitful hill; by the fence about it,
and care and culture of it; and by its not answering the expectation of
the owner, it bringing forth wild grapes instead of good ones,
\\#Isa 5:1,2\\ wherefore the men of Judah and Jerusalem are made
judges between the owner and his vineyard, what more could have been
done to it, or rather what was now to be done to it, since this was the
case; and the result is, that it should be utterly laid waste, and come
to ruin; and the whole is applied to the house of Israel, and men of
Judah, \\#Isa 5:3-7\\ whose sins, as the cause of their ruin, are
mentioned in the following verses; their covetousness, with the
punishment of it, \\#Isa 5:8-10\\ their intemperance, luxury, and love
of pleasure, with the punishment threatened thereunto, \\#Isa 5:11-14\\
whereby haughty men should be humbled, the Lord be glorified, and at
the same time his weak and innocent people would be taken care of,
\\#Isa 5:15-17\\ next, other sins are taken notice of, and woes
pronounced on account of them, as, an impudent course of sinning,
insolent impiety against God, confusion of good and evil, conceit of
their own wisdom, drunkenness, and perversion of justice,
\\#Isa 5:18-23\\ wherefore for these things, and for their contempt and
rejection of the law and word of the Lord, utter destruction is
threatened them, \\#Isa 5:24\\ yea, the anger of God had been already
kindled against them, and they had felt it in some instances,
\\#Isa 5:25\\ but they are given to expect severer judgments, by means
of foreign nations, that should be gathered against them; who are
described by their swiftness, strength, and vigilance; by their armour,
horses, and carriages; and by their terror and cruelty; the consequence
of which would be utter darkness, distress, and calamities, in the land
of Judea, \\#Isa 5:26-30\\.

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