Jeremiah 50:35-40 NIV

35 "A sword1 against the Babylonians!"2 declares the LORD-- "against those who live in Babylon and against her officials and wise3 men!

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36 A sword against her false prophets! They will become fools. A sword against her warriors!4 They will be filled with terror.5

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37 A sword against her horses and chariots6 and all the foreigners in her ranks! They will become women.7 A sword against her treasures!8 They will be plundered.

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38 A drought ona her waters!9 They will dry10 up. For it is a land of idols,11 idols that will go mad with terror.

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    • d 50:38 - Or "A sword against"
      39 "So desert creatures12 and hyenas will live there, and there the owl will dwell. It will never again be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation.13

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      40 As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah14 along with their neighboring towns," declares the LORD, "so no one will live there; no man will dwell in it.15

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