12 They sing to the music of timbrel and lyre; they make merry to the sound of the pipe.

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13 They spend their years in prosperity and go down to the grave in peace.a

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    • ‚ 21:13 - Or "in an instant"
      14 Yet they say to God, ‘Leave us alone! We have no desire to know your ways.

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      15 Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What would we gain by praying to him?’

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      16 But their prosperity is not in their own hands, so I stand aloof from the plans of the wicked.

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      17 “Yet how often is the lamp of the wicked snuffed out? How often does calamity come upon them, the fate God allots in his anger?

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      18 How often are they like straw before the wind, like chaff swept away by a gale?

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      19 It is said, ‘God stores up the punishment of the wicked for their children.’ Let him repay the wicked, so that they themselves will experience it!

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      20 Let their own eyes see their destruction; let them drink the cup of the wrath of the Almighty.

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      21 For what do they care about the families they leave behind when their allotted months come to an end?

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      22 “Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since he judges even the highest?

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