Judges 11:19-29 NIV

19 "Then Israel sent messengers1 to Sihon king of the Amorites, who ruled in Heshbon,2 and said to him, 'Let us pass through your country to our own place.'3

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20 Sihon, however, did not trust Israela to pass through his territory. He mustered all his men and encamped at Jahaz and fought with Israel.4

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    • b 11:20 - Or "however, would not make an agreement for Israel"
      21 "Then the LORD, the God of Israel, gave Sihon and all his men into Israel's hands, and they defeated them. Israel took over all the land of the Amorites who lived in that country,
      22 capturing all of it from the Arnon to the Jabbok and from the desert to the Jordan.5

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      23 "Now since the LORD, the God of Israel, has driven the Amorites out before his people Israel, what right have you to take it over?
      24 Will you not take what your god Chemosh6 gives you? Likewise, whatever the LORD our God has given us,7 we will possess.

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      25 Are you better than Balak son of Zippor,8 king of Moab? Did he ever quarrel with Israel or fight with them?9

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      26 For three hundred years Israel occupied10 Heshbon, Aroer,11 the surrounding settlements and all the towns along the Arnon. Why didn't you retake them during that time?

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      27 I have not wronged you, but you are doing me wrong by waging war against me. Let the LORD, the Judge,b12 decide13 the dispute this day between the Israelites and the Ammonites.14"

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      28 The king of Ammon, however, paid no attention to the message Jephthah sent him.
      29 Then the Spirit15 of the LORD came upon Jephthah. He crossed Gilead and Manasseh, passed through Mizpah16 of Gilead, and from there he advanced against the Ammonites.17

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