This chapter gives an account of another judge of Israel, Jephthah,
of his descent and character, \\#Jud 11:1-3\\ of the call the
elders of Gilead gave him to be their captain general, and
lead out their forces against the Ammonites, and the agreement he
made with them, \\#Jud 11:4-11\\ of the message he sent to the
children of Ammon, which brought on a dispute between him and them
about the land Israel possessed on that side Jordan the Ammonites
claimed; Israel's right to which Jephthah defended, and made it
clearly to appear, hoping thereby to put an end to the quarrel
without shedding of blood, \\#Jud 11:12-27\\ but the children of
Ammon not attending to what he said, he prepared to give them battle,
and previous to it he made a vow, and then set forward and fought
them, and got the victory over them, \\#Jud 11:28-33\\ and the
chapter concludes with the difficulties Jephthah was embarrassed with
upon his return home, on account of his vow, and the performance of
it, \\#Jud 11:34-40\\.