1 Kings 10:18-29 KJV

18 Moreover the king made a great throne of ivory, and overlaid it with the best gold.
19 The throne had six steps, and the top of the throne was round behind:a and there were stays on either side on the place of the seat , and two lions stood beside the stays.

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    • ­ 10:19 - behind: Heb. on the hinder part thereof
      20 And twelve * lions stood there on the one side and on the other upon the six steps: there was not the likeb made in any kingdom.

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        • ® 10:20 - the like: Heb. so
          21 And all king Solomon's drinking vessels were of gold, and all the vessels of the house of the forest of Lebanon were of pure gold; none were of silver:c it was nothing accounted of in the days of Solomon.

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            • ¯ 10:21 - none...: or, there was no silver in them
              22 For the king had at sea a navy of Tharshish with the navy of Hiram: once in three years came the navy of Tharshish, bringing gold, and silver, ivory,d and apes, and peacocks.

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                • ° 10:22 - ivory: or, elephants teeth
                  23 So king Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom.
                  24 And all the earth sought toe Solomon, to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.

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                    • ± 10:24 - sought to: Heb. sought the face of
                      25 And they brought every man his present, vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and garments, and armour, and spices, horses, and mules, a rate year by year.
                      26 And Solomon gathered together chariots and horsemen: and he had a thousand and four hundred chariots, and twelve * thousand horsemen, whom he bestowed in the cities for chariots, and with the king at Jerusalem.
                      27 And the king madef silver to be in Jerusalem as stones, and cedars made he to be as the sycomore trees that are in the vale, for abundance.

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                        • ² 10:27 - made: Heb. gave
                          28 And Solomong had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn: the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price.

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                            • ³ 10:28 - And Solomon...: Heb. And the going forth of the horses which was Solomons
                              29 And a chariot came up and went out of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver, and an horse for an hundred and fifty: and so for all the kings of the Hittites, and for the kings of Syria, did they bring them out by their means.