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Lamentations 5:7-17 (New International Version)

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7 Our fathers1 sinned and are no more, and we bear their punishment.2 8 Slaves3 rule over us, and there is none to free us from their hands.4 9 We get our bread at the risk of our lives because of the sword in the desert. 10 Our skin is hot as an oven, feverish from hunger.5 11 Women have been ravished6 in Zion, and virgins in the towns of Judah. 12 Princes have been hung up by their hands; elders7 are shown no respect.8 13 Young men toil at the millstones; boys stagger under loads of wood. 14 The elders are gone from the city gate; the young men have stopped their music.9 15 Joy is gone from our hearts; our dancing has turned to mourning.10 16 The crown11 has fallen from our head.12 Woe to us, for we have sinned!13 17 Because of this our hearts14 are faint,15 because of these things our eyes16 grow dim17
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