Isaiah 10:1-4 LEB

Woes on the Wicked

1 Ah! Those who decree decrees of evil, and writers who have written harm,

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      2 to guide [the] needy away from legal claims,a and to rob the justice from the poor of my people, to make widows their spoil; and they plunder orphans.

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        • Ú 10:2 - Hebrew "claim"
          3 And what will you do at [the] day of punishment, and at calamity? It comes from afar! To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your wealth,
          4 {save that they bow down under the prisoners and fall under the slain}?b In all of this his anger has not turned away, and still his hand [is] stretched out.

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            • Û 10:4 - Literally "except he will bow down under a prisoner and under slain they will fall"; "under" could also mean "in the place of"