Isaiah 10:5-19 LEB

Judgment on Assyria’s Arrogance

5 Ah! Assyria, the rod of my anger, and a staff is in their hand: my wrath!

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      6 I send him against a godless nation, and I command him against the people of my wrath, to capture spoil and to carry off plunder, and to make thema a trampling place, like [the] clay of [the] streets.

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        • Ü 10:6 - Hebrew "him"
          7 But he does not think this,b and his heart does not plan this. For [it is] in his heart to destroy and to cut off not a few nations.

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              8 For he says, "[Are] not my commanders altogether kings?
              9 [Is] not Calno like Carchemish? [Is] not Hamath like Arpad? [Is] not Samaria like Damascus?
              10 As my hand has reached to the kingdoms of the idolsc --and their images were {greater than those of}d Jerusalem and Samaria--

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                • Þ 10:10 - Hebrew "idol"
                • ß 10:10 - Literally "from"
                  11 shall I not do to Jerusalem and its idols what I have done to Samaria and her idols?"
                  12 And this shall happen: when the Lord has finished all his work against {Mount Zion}e and Jerusalem, "I will punish the {arrogance}f of the king of Assyria and {his haughtiness}."g

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                    • à 10:12 - Literally "the mountain of Zion"
                    • á 10:12 - Literally "fruit of the greatness of the heart"
                    • â 10:12 - Literally "the pride of the height of his eyes"
                      13 For he says, "I have done [it] by the strength of my hand and by my wisdom, for I have understanding, and I have removed [the] boundaries of peoples, and I have plundered their stores, and like a bull I have brought down {the inhabitants}.
                      14 And my hand has found, like [a] nest, the wealth of the peoples, and like the gathering of forsaken eggs, I myself have gathered all the earth. And [there] was no fluttering wing or open mouth or chirp."
                      15 Does the ax boast against the one who cuts with it, or the saw magnify itself against [the] one who moves it to and fro? {As if a rod should move the one who lifts it}!h {As if a staff should lift up that which is not wood}!i

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                        • ã 10:15 - Literally "As a rod waving even the one who lifts it up"
                        • ä 10:15 - Literally "As a staff lifting up not wood"
                          16 Therefore the Lord, Yahweh of hosts, will send leanness among his sturdy warriors, and a burning like [the] burning of fire will burn under his glory.
                          17 And the light of Israel will become like a fire, and his holy one like a flame, and it will burn and devour his thornsj and briersk in one day.

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                            • å 10:17 - Hebrew "thorn"
                            • æ 10:17 - Hebrew "brier"
                              18 And he will destroy the glory of his forest and orchard {completely},l and it will be like the wasting away of one who is sick.

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                                • ç 10:18 - Literally "from soul and to body"
                                  19 And the rest of the treesm of his forest will be a small number, and a boy can write them [down].

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                                    • è 10:19 - Hebrew "tree"