Isaiah 48:3-13 LEB

3 "I declared the former things from {of old},a and they went out from my mouth. And I {announced}b them suddenly; I acted,c and they came [to pass],

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    • ̴ 48:3 - Literally "then"
    • ̵ 48:3 - Literally "caused to hear"
    • ̶ 48:3 - Or "did"
      4 because {I know}d that you [are] obstinate, and your neck an iron sinew, and your forehead bronze.

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        • ̷ 48:4 - Literally "knowing me"
          5 And I declared [them] to you from of old; I { announced}e [them] to you before they came [to pass] so that you would not say, 'My idol did them, and my image and my cast image commanded them.'

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            • ̸ 48:5 - Literally "caused to hear"
              6 You have heard; see it all. And will you not declare [it]? I {announce}f new things to you from this time and hidden things thatg you have not known.

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                • ̹ 48:6 - Literally "cause to hear"
                • ̺ 48:6 - Or "and"
                  7 Now they are created, and not from {of old},h and before today, and you have not heard them so that you could not say, "Look! I knew them."

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                    • ̻ 48:7 - Literally "then"
                      8 Neither have you heard, nor have you known, nor from {of old}i has your ear been opened. For I knew you would deal treacherously, very treacherously, and you [are] called a rebel from [the] womb.

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                        • ̼ 48:8 - Literally "then"
                          9 For the sake of my name I {refrain from}j my anger, and [for] my praise I restrain [it] for you [so as] not to cut you off.

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                            • ̽ 48:9 - Literally "make long"
                              10 Look! I have refined you, butk not likel silver; I have chosen you in [the] furnace of misery.

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                                  11 For my own sake, for my own sake I do [it]; for why should itm be defiled? And I will not give my glory to another."

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                                    • ̀ 48:11 - That is, my name

                                      Yahweh Frees Israel

                                      12 "Listen to me, Jacob, and Israel, {whom I called}:n I [am] he. I [am the] first; also I [am the] last.

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                                        • ́ 48:12 - Literally "who was called by me"
                                          13 Indeed, my hand founded [the] earth, and my right hand spread out [the] heavens; [when] I summono them, they stand in position together.

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                                            • ͂ 48:13 - Or "calling"