The prophecy of this chapter is concerning the deliverance and salvation
of the Jews, and is addressed unto them; who are described by their
natural descent and lineage, and by their hypocrisy in religious things,
\\#Isa 48:1,2\\. By their obstinacy and impudence, and by their proneness to
idolatry, and to ascribe that to idols which belonged to God; which were
the reasons why the Lord foretold all former things to them, before they
came to pass, \\#Isa 48:3-5\\. And for the same reasons also he declared
unto them what should be hereafter, particularly the destruction of
Babylon, and their deliverance by Cyrus, \\#Isa 48:6-8\\. From which account
of them it would clearly appear, that it was not for any merits of
theirs, but for his own name's sake, for his own glory, that he chose
them, purified, and saved them as gold tried in the fire, \\#Isa 48:9-11\\.
He observes his own perfections, his eternity and immutability, and
power displayed in creation, to engage their faith in the promise of
deliverance, \\#Isa 48:12,13\\ and points out the deliverer Cyrus, a type of
Christ, whom he loved, called, sent, and made him prosperous,
\\#Isa 48:14-16\\. Then he directs them to walk in his ways, with promises
of peace and prosperity, \\#Isa 48:17-19\\. And the chapter is concluded
with an exhortation to go out of Babylon with joy, publishing wherever
they came their redemption, and who would be supplied with all
necessaries in their return to their own land; only it should be
observed, that there was no peace or happiness for the wicked,
\\#Isa 48:20-22\\.

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