Psalm 119:89-96 LEB


89 Forever, O Yahweh, your word {is settled}a in heaven.

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    • Ъ 119:89 - Literally "stands firm"
      90 Your faithfulness [endures] {throughout all generations}.b You have established [the] earth and it stands.

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        • Ы 119:90 - Literally "for a generation and a generation"
          91 By your ordinances they stand today, for all [are] your servants.
          92 Unless your law [had been] my delight, then I would have perished in my misery.
          93 I will not ever forget your precepts, for by them you revive me.c

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            • Ь 119:93 - Or "give me life"
              94 I [am] yours. Save me, for I have sought your precepts.
              95 For me [the] wicked [lie in] wait to destroy me. I give attention to your testimonies.
              96 I have seen a limit to every perfection;d your command [is] very broad.

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                • Э 119:96 - The meaning of this line is uncertain.