Psalm 17:1-6 LEB

A prayer of David.

Prayer for Vindication and Protection

1 aO Yahweh, hear a just cause. Hear my cry; heed my prayer [I make] without deceitful lips.

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    • Î 17:1 - The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm
      2 Let my vindication come forth from you; let your eyes see fairness.
      3 You have tried my heart; you have examined [me] by night; you have tested me; you found nothing. I have decided [that] my mouth will not transgress.
      4 As for [the] works of humankind, by the word of your lips, I have kept [from] the ways of [the] violent.
      5 [I have] held my steps in your path My feet will not slip.
      6 As for me, I have called on you because you will answer me, O God. Incline your ear to me. Hear my words.b

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        • Ï 17:6 - Hebrew "word"