Luke 4:24-34 NIV

24 "I tell you the truth," he continued, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown.1

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25 I assure you that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah's time, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and there was a severe famine throughout the land.2

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26 Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarephath in the region of Sidon.3

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27 And there were many in Israel with leprosya in the time of Elisha the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed--only Naaman the Syrian."4

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    • f 4:27 - The Greek word was used for various diseases affecting the skin--not necessarily leprosy.
      28 All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this.
      29 They got up, drove him out of the town,5 and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him down the cliff.

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      30 But he walked right through the crowd and went on his way.6

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      Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit

      4:31-37pp -- Mk 1:21-28

      31 Then he went down to Capernaum,7 a town in Galilee, and on the Sabbath began to teach the people.

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          32 They were amazed at his teaching,8 because his message had authority.9

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              33 In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an evilb spirit. He cried out at the top of his voice,

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                • g 4:33 - Greek "unclean"; also in verse 36
                  34 "Ha! What do you want with us,10 Jesus of Nazareth?11 Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are12--the Holy One of God!"13

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