1 Chronicles 29:21-30 MSG

21 The very next day they butchered the sacrificial animals and offered in the worship of Israel to God a thousand bulls, a thousand rams, a thousand sheep, and in addition drink offerings and many other sacrifices.
22 They feasted all day, eating and drinking before God, exuberant with joy.
23 Solomon sat on the throne of God as king in place of David his father. And everything went well; all Israel obeyed him.
24 All the leaders of the people, including all the sons of King David, accepted Solomon as their king and promised their loyalty.
25 Solomon rode high on a crest of popular acclaim - it was all God's doing. God gave him position and honor beyond any king in Israel before him.
26 David son of Jesse ruled over all Israel.
27 He was king for forty years. He ruled from Hebron seven years and from Jerusalem thirty-three.
28 He died at a ripe old age, full of days, wealth, and glory. His son Solomon ruled after him.
29 The history of David the king, from start to finish, is written in the chronicles of Samuel the seer, Nathan the prophet, and Gad the seer,
30 including a full account of his rule, his exploits, and the times through which he and Israel and the surrounding kingdoms passed.