1 Chronicles 28:15-21 MSG

15 the gold and silver Lampstands and lamps,
16 the gold tables for consecrated bread, the silver tables,
17 the gold forks, the bowls and the jars,
18 and the incense altar. And he gave him the plan for sculpting the cherubs with their wings outstretched over the Chest of the Covenant of God - the cherubim throne.
19 "Here are the blueprints for the whole project as God gave me to understand it," David said.
20 David continued to address Solomon: "Take charge! Take heart! Don't be anxious or get discouraged. God, my God, is with you in this; he won't walk off and leave you in the lurch. He's at your side until every last detail is completed for conducting the worship of God.
21 You have all the priests and Levites standing ready to pitch in, and skillful craftsmen and artisans of every kind ready to go to work. Both leaders and people are ready. Just say the word."