Numbers 15:10-20 MSG

10 Also bring two quarts of wine as a Drink-Offering. It will be a Fire-Gift, a pleasing fragrance to God.
11 "Each bull or ram, each lamb or young goat, is to be prepared in this same way.
12 Carry out this procedure for each one, no matter how many you have to prepare.
13 "Every native-born Israelite is to follow this procedure when he brings a Fire-Gift as a pleasing fragrance to God.
14 In future generations, when a foreigner or visitor living at length among you presents a Fire-Gift as a pleasing fragrance to God, the same procedures must be followed.
15 The community has the same rules for you and the foreigner living among you. This is the regular rule for future generations. You and the foreigner are the same before God.
16 The same laws and regulations apply to both you and the foreigner who lives with you."
17 God spoke to Moses:
18 "Speak to the People of Israel. Tell them, When you enter the land into which I'm bringing you,
19 and you eat the food of that country, set some aside as an offering for God.
20 From the first batch of bread dough make a round loaf for an offering - an offering from the threshing floor.