Ezekiel 30:1-19 NAS

Lament over Egypt

1 The word of the LORD came again to me saying,

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      2 "Son of man, prophesy and say, 'Thus says the Lord aGOD, "1Wail, 'Alas for the day!'

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        • Ȗ 30:2 - Heb "YHWH," usually rendered LORD, and so throughout the ch
          3 "For the day is near, Even 2the day of the LORD is near; It will be a day of 3clouds, A time of doom for the nations.

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          4 "A sword will come upon Egypt, And anguish will be in bEthiopia; When the slain fall in Egypt, They 4take away her cwealth, And her foundations are torn down.

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            • ȗ 30:4 - Lit "Cush"
            • Ș 30:4 - Or "multitude"
              5 "dEthiopia, Put, Lud, all e5Arabia, fLibya and the gpeople of the land hthat is in league will fall with them by the sword."

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                • ș 30:5 - Lit "Cush"
                • Ț 30:5 - Or "the mixed people"
                • ț 30:5 - Or "Cub"
                • Ȝ 30:5 - Lit "sons"
                • ȝ 30:5 - Lit "of the covenant"
                  6 'Thus says the LORD, "Indeed, those who support 6Egypt will fall And the pride of her power will come down; From Migdol to Syene They will fall within her by the sword," Declares the Lord GOD.

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                  7 "They will be desolate In the 7midst of the desolated lands; And her cities will be In the midst of the devastated cities.

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                  8 "And they will 8know that I am the LORD, When I set a 9fire in Egypt And all her helpers are broken.

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                  9 "On that day 10messengers will go forth from Me in ships to frighten 11secure iEthiopia; and 12anguish will be on them as on the day of Egypt; for behold, it comes!"

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                  10 'Thus says the Lord GOD, "13I will also make the jhordes of Egypt cease By the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon.

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                    • ȟ 30:10 - Or "people;" lit "crowd," and so throughout the ch
                      11 "He and his people with him, 14The most ruthless of the nations, Will be brought in to destroy the land; And they will draw their swords against Egypt And fill the land with the slain.

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                      12 "Moreover, I will make the 15Nile canals dry And 16sell the land into the hands of evil men. And I will make the land desolate And kall that is in it, By the hand of strangers; I the LORD have spoken."

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                        • Ƞ 30:12 - Lit "her fullness"
                          13 'Thus says the Lord GOD, "I will also 17destroy the idols And make the limages cease from m18Memphis. And there will no longer be a prince in the land of Egypt; And I will put fear in the land of Egypt.

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                            • ȡ 30:13 - Or "futile ones"
                            • Ȣ 30:13 - Or "Noph"
                              15 "I will pour out My wrath on oSin, The stronghold of Egypt; I will also cut off the hordes of pThebes.

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                                  16 "I will set a fire in Egypt; qSin will writhe in anguish, rThebes will be breached And sMemphis will have tdistresses daily.

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                                      17 "The young men of u22On and of Pi-beseth Will fall by the sword, And vthe women will go into captivity.

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                                          18 "In 23Tehaphnehes the day will wbe 24dark When I 25break there the yoke bars of Egypt. Then the pride of her power will cease in her; A cloud will cover her, And her daughters will go into captivity.

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                                            • Ȭ 30:18 - So with many mss and ancient versions; M.T. "restrain"
                                              19 "Thus I will 26execute judgments on Egypt, And they will know that I am the LORD.""'

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