Lamentations 4:1-6 NAS

Distress of the Siege Described

1 How 1dark the gold has become, How the pure gold has changed! The sacred stones are poured out At the acorner of every street.

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2 The precious sons of Zion, Weighed against fine gold, How they are regarded as 2earthen jars, The work of a potter's hands!

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3 Even 3jackals offer the breast, They nurse their young; But the daughter of my people has become 4cruel Like 5ostriches in the wilderness.

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4 The 6tongue of the infant cleaves To the roof of its mouth because of 7thirst; The little ones 8ask for bread, But no one breaks it for them.

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5 Those who ate 9delicacies Are desolate in the streets; Those breared in purple Embrace ash pits.

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    • £ 4:5 - Lit "established in crimson"
      6 For the ciniquity of the daughter of my people Is greater than the d10sin of Sodom, Which was 11overthrown as in a moment, And no hands were eturned toward her.

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        • ¤ 4:6 - Or "punishment for iniquity"
        • ¥ 4:6 - Or "punishment for sin"
        • ¦ 4:6 - Or "wrung over her"