Matthew 17:15-25 NAS

15 "aLord, have mercy on my son, for he is a b1lunatic and is very ill *; for he often falls into the fire and often into the water.

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    • dz 17:15 - Or "Sir"
    • Ǵ 17:15 - Or moonstruck; Gr "seleniazo"
      16 "I brought him to Your disciples, and they could not cure him."
      17 And Jesus answered and said, "You unbelieving and perverted generation, how long * shall I be with you? How long * shall I put up with you? Bring him here to Me."
      18 And Jesus rebuked him, and the demon came out of him, and the boy was cured cat once *.

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        • ǵ 17:18 - Lit "from that hour"
          19 Then the disciples came to Jesus privately * and said, "Why * could we not drive it out?"
          20 And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, 2if you have faith dthe size of 3a mustard seed, you will say to 4this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and 5nothing will be impossible to you.

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          21 ["e6But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."]

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            • Ƿ 17:21 - Early mss do not contain this v
              22 7And while they were gathering together in Galilee, Jesus said to them, "The Son of Man is going to be fdelivered into the hands of men;

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              23 and 8they will kill Him, and He will be raised on the third day." And they were deeply grieved.

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              The Tribute Money

              24 When they came to Capernaum, those who collected 9the gtwo-drachma tax came to Peter and said, "Does your teacher not pay 10the htwo-drachma tax?"

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                • ǹ 17:24 - Equivalent to two denarii or two days' wages, paid as a temple tax
                • Ǻ 17:24 - Equivalent to two denarii or two days' wages, paid as a temple tax
                  25 He said, "Yes." And when he came into the house, Jesus spoke to him first, saying, "What do you think, Simon? From whom do the kings of the earth collect 11customs or 12poll-tax, from their sons or from strangers?"

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