Exodus 22:26-31 NIRV

26 "Suppose your neighbor owes you money and gives you a coat as a promise to pay it back. Then return it to him by sunset.
27 That coat is the only thing he owns to wear or sleep in. When he cries out to me, I will listen, because I am loving and kind.
28 "Do not speak evil things against me. Do not call down a curse on the ruler of your people.
29 "Do not hold back your grain offerings or wine offerings. "You must give me the oldest of your sons.
30 Do the same with your cattle and sheep. Let them stay with their mothers for seven days. But give them to me on the eighth day.
31 "I want you to be my holy people. So do not eat the meat of any animal that has been torn by wild animals. Throw it to the dogs.