This chapter contains various laws concerning theft, \\#Ex 22:1-4\\,
concerning damage done to fields and vineyards by beasts, and to corn in
stacks or standing, by fire, \\#Ex 22:5,6\\, concerning anything or
creature deposited in the hands of a neighbour, and they be stolen or lost
by one means or another, \\#Ex 22:7-13\\, concerning anything borrowed,
and it comes to any damage, \\#Ex 22:14,15\\, concerning fornication,
\\#Ex 22:16,17\\ concerning witchcraft, bestiality, and idolatry,
\\#Ex 22:18-20\\ concerning oppression, and affliction of the stranger,
fatherless, and widow, \\#Ex 22:21-24\\ concerning taking usury and
pledges, \\#Ex 22:25-27\\, concerning irreverence to magistrates,
\\#Ex 22:28\\, concerning the offering of firstfruits to God,
\\#Ex 22:29,30\\ and the chapter is concluded with a prohibition of eating
anything torn by beasts, \\#Ex 22:31\\.

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