Genesis 9:1-6 NIRV

God Makes a Covenant With Noah

1 Then God gave his blessing to Noah and his sons. He said to them, "Have children and increase your numbers. Fill the earth.

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      2 "All of the land animals will be afraid of you. All of the birds of the air will fear you. Every creature that moves along the ground will fear you. Every fish in the oceans will also be afraid of you. Every living thing is put under your control.
      3 "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. I have already given you the green plants for food. Now I am giving you everything.
      4 "But you must not eat meat that still has blood in it.
      5 You can be sure that I will hold someone accountable if you are murdered. I will even hold animals accountable if they kill you. I will also hold anyone accountable who murders another person.
      6 "Anyone who murders man will be killed by man. That is because I have made man in my own likeness.