Jeremiah 49:1-6 NIRV

A Message About Ammon

1 Here is what the LORD says about the people of Ammon. He says, "Doesn't Israel have any sons? Doesn't Israel have anyone to take over the family property? Then why has the god Molech taken over Gad? Why do those who worship him live in its towns?

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      2 But a new day is coming," announces the Lord. "At that time I will sound the battle cry. I will sound it against Rabbah in the land of Ammon. It will become a pile of broken-down buildings. The villages that are around it will be set on fire. Then Israel will drive out those who drove her out," says the Lord.
      3 "Heshbon, sob over Ai! It is destroyed! Cry out, you who live in Rabbah! Put on black clothes and sob. Run here and there inside the walls. Your god Molech will be carried away. So will its priests and officials.
      4 Why do you brag about your valleys? You brag that they produce so many crops. You are an unfaithful country. You trust in your riches. You say, 'Who will attack me?'
      5 I will bring terror on you. It will come from all those who are around you," announces the Lord. He is the LORD who rules over all. "Every one of you will be driven away. No one will bring back those who escape.
      6 "But after that, I will bless the people of Ammon with great success again," announces the Lord.