Numbers 28:26-31 NIRV

The Feast of Weeks

26 " 'On the day you gather the first share of your crops, bring to the LORD an offering of your first grain. Do it during the Feast of Weeks. Come together for a special service. Do not do any regular work.

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      27 " 'Bring a burnt offering of two young bulls and one ram. Also bring seven male lambs that are a year old. The offering will give a smell that is pleasant to the Lord.
      28 " 'Bring a grain offering along with each bull. It must have 24 cups of fine flour. Mix it with olive oil. Offer 16 cups along with the ram.
      29 Offer eight cups along with each of the seven lambs.
      30 " 'Include a male goat to pay for your sin.
      31 " 'Prepare everything along with the drink offerings. Do it in addition to the regular burnt offering and its grain offering. Be sure the animals do not have any flaws.