1 Kings 8:1-6 NLT

1 Solomon then summoned the leaders of all the tribes and families of Israel to assemble in Jerusalem. They were to bring the Ark of the LORD's covenant from its location in the City of David, also known as Zion, to its new place in the Temple.
2 They all assembled before the king at the annual Festival of Shelters in early autumn. a

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    •  8:2 - Hebrew <I>at the festival in the month Ethanim, which is the seventh month.</I> The Festival of Shelters began on the fifteenth day of the seventh month on the Hebrew lunar calendar. This occurs on our calendar in late September or early October.
      3 When all the leaders of Israel arrived, the priests picked up the Ark.
      4 Then the priests and Levites took the Ark of the LORD, along with the Tabernacle b and all its sacred utensils, and carried them up to the Temple.

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        • ‚ 8:4 - Hebrew <I>Tent of Meeting.</I>
          5 King Solomon and the entire community of Israel sacrificed sheep and oxen before the Ark in such numbers that no one could keep count!
          6 Then the priests carried the Ark of the LORD's covenant into the inner sanctuary of the Temple -- the Most Holy Place -- and placed it beneath the wings of the cherubim.