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1 Samuel 14:1 NLT

1 One day Jonathan said to his armor bearer, “Come on, let’s go over to where the Philistines have their outpost.” But Jonathan did not tell his father what he was doing.

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  • a 14:2 - Or around the rock of Rimmon; compare Judg 20:45, 47 ; 21:13 .
  • b 14:14 - Hebrew half a yoke; a “yoke” was the amount of land plowed by a pair of yoked oxen in one day.
  • c 14:16 - As in Greek version; Hebrew reads they went and there.
  • d 14:18 - As in some Greek manuscripts; Hebrew reads “Bring the Ark of God.” For at that time the Ark of God was with the Israelites.
  • e 14:19 - Hebrew Withdraw your hand.
  • f 14:27 - Or his eyes brightened; similarly in 14:29 .
  • g 14:41 - Greek version adds If the fault is with me or my son Jonathan, respond with Urim; but if the men of Israel are at fault, respond with Thummim.
  • h 14:47 - As in Greek version; Hebrew reads he acted wickedly.
  • i 14:49 - Hebrew Ishvi, a variant name for Ishbosheth; also known as Esh-baal.