Exodus 34:22-32 NLT

22 “You must celebrate the Festival of Harvesta with the first crop of the wheat harvest, and celebrate the Festival of the Final Harvestb at the end of the harvest season.

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    • Ɗ 34:22 - Hebrew Festival of Weeks; compare 23:16 . This was later called the Festival of Pentecost. It is celebrated today as Shavuot (or Shabuoth).
    • Ƌ 34:22 - Or Festival of Ingathering. This was later called the Festival of Shelters or Festival of Tabernacles (see Lev 23:33-36 ). It is celebrated today as Sukkot (or Succoth).
      23 Three times each year every man in Israel must appear before the Sovereign, the , the God of Israel.
      24 I will drive out the other nations ahead of you and expand your territory, so no one will covet and conquer your land while you appear before the your God three times each year.
      25 “You must not offer the blood of my sacrificial offerings together with any baked goods containing yeast. And none of the meat of the Passover sacrifice may be kept over until the next morning.
      26 “As you harvest your crops, bring the very best of the first harvest to the house of the your God. “You must not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.”
      27 Then the said to Moses, “Write down all these instructions, for they represent the terms of the covenant I am making with you and with Israel.”
      28 Moses remained there on the mountain with the forty days and forty nights. In all that time he ate no bread and drank no water. And thec wrote the terms of the covenant—the Ten Commandmentsd —on the stone tablets.

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        • ƌ 34:28 - Hebrew he.
        • ƍ 34:28 - Hebrew the ten words.
          29 When Moses came down Mount Sinai carrying the two stone tablets inscribed with the terms of the covenant,e he wasn’t aware that his face had become radiant because he had spoken to the .

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            • Ǝ 34:29 - Hebrew the two tablets of the Testimony; see note on 25:16 .
              30 So when Aaron and the people of Israel saw the radiance of Moses’ face, they were afraid to come near him.
              31 But Moses called out to them and asked Aaron and all the leaders of the community to come over, and he talked with them.
              32 Then all the people of Israel approached him, and Moses gave them all the instructions the had given him on Mount Sinai.