In this chapter Moses has orders to hew two tables of stone, that God
might write on them the ten commands, and bring them up with him to the
mount, \\#Ex 34:1-4\\ where the Lord proclaimed his name, and caused
his glory and his goodness to pass before him, \\#Ex 34:5-7\\ when
Moses took this favourable opportunity that offered to pray for the
people, that God would forgive their sin, and go along with them,
\\#Ex 34:8,9\\ upon which he made a covenant with them, which on his
part was to do wonders for them, and drive out the inhabitants of
Canaan before them; and on their part, that they should have no
confederacy and communion with these nations, and shun their idolatry,
and everything that might lead unto it, \\#Ex 34:10-17\\ and he
repeated several laws before given, and urged the observance of them,
which Moses was to acquaint the people with, \\#Ex 34:18-27\\ and after
a stay of forty days and forty nights on the mount, he came down with
the two tables of the law; and the skin of his face shone so bright,
that the people of Israel were afraid to come nigh him, and therefore
he put a vail over his face while he conversed with them,
\\#Ex 34:28-35\\.