Ezekiel 6:1-6 NLT

1 Again a message came to me from the LORD:
2 "Son of man, look over toward the mountains of Israel and prophesy against them.
3 Give the mountains of Israel this message from the Sovereign LORD. This is what the Sovereign LORD says to the mountains and hills and to the ravines and valleys: I am about to bring war upon you, and I will destroy your pagan shrines.
4 All your altars will be demolished, and your incense altars will be smashed. I will kill your people in front of your idols.
5 I will lay your corpses in front of your idols and scatter your bones around your altars.
6 Wherever you live there will be desolation. I will destroy your pagan shrines, your altars, your idols, your incense altars, and all the other religious objects you have made.