This chapter contains a prophecy of the desolation of the whole land of
Israel, and a promise that a remnant should escape, with a lamentation
for the sad destruction, signified by some gestures of the prophet. The
order to the prophet to deliver out the prophecy is in \\#Eze 6:1,2\\; the
several parts of the land of Israel or Judea, to which the prophecy is
directed, are signified by mountains, hills, rivers, and valleys, on
which the sword should be brought, \\#Eze 6:3\\; the desolation is
described, and the cause of it suggested, the idolatry of the people,
\\#Eze 6:4-7\\; the promise of a remnant that should escape, who should
remember the Lord, loath themselves for their sins, acknowledge him,
and that his word was not in vain, is in \\#Eze 6:8-10\\; the lamentation,
signified by the prophet's smiting with his hand, and stamping with his
foot, for the sins of the people, and the judgments that should come
upon them, is in \\#Eze 6:11\\; a particular enumeration of these judgments
follows, and of the places where they should be executed, \\#Eze 6:12\\;
the end of them was to bring them to the knowledge and acknowledgment
of the Lord, against whom they had sinned and offended by their
idolatry, as the places where their slain fell would show, \\#Eze 6:13\\;
and the chapter is concluded with a resolution to bring this desolation
on them, \\#Eze 6:14\\.