Ezra 6:17-22 NLT

17 During the dedication ceremony for the Temple of God, 100 young bulls, 200 rams, and 400 male lambs were sacrificed. And 12 male goats were presented as a sin offering for the twelve tribes of Israel.
18 Then the priests and Levites were divided into their various divisions to serve at the Temple of God in Jerusalem, as prescribed in the Book of Moses.
19 On April 21a the returned exiles celebrated Passover.

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    • ܮ 6:19 - Hebrew On the fourteenth day of the first month, of the ancient Hebrew lunar calendar. This day was April 21, 515; also see note on 6:15 .
      20 The priests and Levites had purified themselves and were ceremonially clean. So they slaughtered the Passover lamb for all the returned exiles, for their fellow priests, and for themselves.
      21 The Passover meal was eaten by the people of Israel who had returned from exile and by the others in the land who had turned from their immoral customs to worship the , the God of Israel.
      22 Then they celebrated the Festival of Unleavened Bread for seven days. There was great joy throughout the land because the had caused the king of Assyriab to be favorable to them, so that he helped them to rebuild the Temple of God, the God of Israel.

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        • ܯ 6:22 - King Darius of Persia is here identified as the king of Assyria because Persia had conquered the Babylonian Empire, which included the earlier Assyrian Empire.