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Darius, on receiving the letter from his officers in Samaria, searched for
the decree of Cyrus, and found it, and which he confirmed, \\#Ezr 6:1-7\\
and made a fresh decree, and ordered expenses to be given out of his
tribute for the building of the temple, and for the sacrifices of it;
and that whosoever altered it should be hanged on the timber of his own
house, and imprecated a curse on those that should destroy the house of
God, \\#Ezr 6:8-12\\ upon which the building went on, and was finished,
\\#Ezr 6:13-15\\ and the temple was dedicated to God in a solemn
manner, \\#Ezr 6:16-18\\, and the passover was kept by all the people,
\\#Ezr 6:19-22\\.

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